Welcome to the fold! We know that starting something new can be stressful, but our hope is to help you feel at ease from the moment you arrive! So read on to find out a little more about what to expect your first days here...

This really is the team handbook. Yep, and it lives online so everyone everywhere can stay up to date on how the company runs day to day. So when you sign on Day 1, there won't be any surprises about expectations - it's part of our effort to be transparent with our team. That said, we don't expect you to have everything memorized before you arrive (or ever!). You may want to go ahead and bookmark this page, though. That way you can refer back to it at any time you are working with us.

There will be a lot of meetings in the beginning. We know, it's a pain and you probably want to hit the ground running. It's only for the couple weeks or so, and it's because we want to introduce you to everyone you'll be working with and get you up to speed quickly. We think these meetings will give you plenty of time to ask questions, too. If at any point during this week you're feeling like to you need some time to digest and take a break - let us know! All meetings can be rescheduled.

Slack is our "office". We're a team that's spread across the country, and and we think it's particularly important that every new person understands that we consider Slack as our office. It's where all important company communication happens since we don't have a water cooler.

Notion is the company info hub after Slack. This is the main tool we use to track and report on everything happening at Black & Brown Founders. We've tried to design our company wiki to house all the important things you'll need access to.

We're so excited you're here! Last but not least, we asked you to join the team because we believe you have not only the skills, but the passion and innovation to contribute to our core mission. There are no imposters here, only capable people working to help Black and Latinx tech entrepreneurs succeed. Welcome!

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