Whether you’ve worked remotely before or this is your first remote position, this guide will help you prepare to be remote and outline our expectations.

What you'll need

Our Remote Work Culture

We ask everyone to read through our values and ask questions when they start working with Black & Brown Founders to make sure the expectations we have for communication within the company is crystal clear. These expectations roughly boil down to “treat each other with respect” and “give your co-workers the benefit of the doubt.” This is especially important as a remote company that communicates primarily through text-based communication and documents.

Since we’re not all physically in the same place, we consider Slack our office. We have our conversations, both formal and informal there. When there are meetings with more than three people or with external partners, notes are promptly posted in the #notes channel. Anyone is welcome to pop into any channel at any time to see what’s going on or ask a question. If you’re new to BBF, don’t be shy about asking questions in Slack or DMing people to get information. This is why we have Slack!

When you’re working remotely, you won’t ever just run into one of your coworkers walking down the hallway and have a conversation. That’s why we have different times dedicated to getting to know your co-workers. (more info below).

We want Black & Brown Founders to be a great organization to work for/with, and to be an example for others. Thus we try to enable a culture of transparency, respect, and creativity, while making sure every member of the team is treated well. We also understand that culture is hard and complex and always changing. If you see something that you think could be better or isn't quite clear, please let our Executive Director know!

Managing Projects